Who We Are


Within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania energizing culture can be found just about anywhere, at any time. Its communities are buzzing with history, diversity, arts and culture. And its creative sector — artists and entrepreneurs, commercial and nonprofit
enterprises, educators, designers and makers—is a powerful engine of economic growth, quality of life, local pride and community vitality. Together, with investment, opportunity and sustenance, they offer a future of innovation, growth and success.

Creative MontCo is the conduit through which the people of Montgomery County connect with the cultural power that runs through our communities. We’re dedicated to promoting
Montgomery County as a vibrant place to live, work and play and is working to provide resources, information, connections and strategies to catalyze cultural and economic development across the county.

WE ARE a bold partnership of civic leaders, organizations, businesses and individuals working to implement a 10-year comprehensive cultural and creative economy plan launched in September 2012.

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